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We are a group home community located in the Tampa, Florida area dedicated to assisting women in their process of growth. We accept donations as well as volunteers to continue growing our mission to serve more women on their path to thriving. We provide temporary and long term shelter and safe space to support young women transitioning to independent living. We have multiple rooms available and we coordinate with other community resources and programs to support recovery and a healthy transition to independent living.  We believe life beyond setback is possible and we are here to support in love and action.

We believe all women provided a safe space can redefine their future, and can change the world.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Our organization empowers and aids in restoring the lives of young women by providing refuge, a safe space and a sense of belonging as they move toward

 independent living and economic self-sufficiency. 

Confident Woman

Our Vision

To provide a safe and secure environment for young women ages 18-30 while engaging, educating,  and encouraging them towards independent living and a shift from surviving to thriving.

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